neighbourhood planning

EASI helps people understand the positive role that neighbourhood planning can play in bringing about appropriate development, empowering local communities to do as much as possible for themselves and helping them to find local solutions to their needs.

We offer independent support to your community to assist engagement in the planning process, providing a local perspective based on local knowledge of communities and enabling development to be based around local identity.

Through our expertise and track record in community engagement and empowerment combined with additional planning expertise and advice offered through Chartered Town Planners currently engaged by CPRE, we empower communities to reach the full potential of their neighbourhood plan from start to finish.

RLA Planning and Jennifer Lampert Associates

EASI applies learning from the ‘Front Runners’ who received government funding via local authorities to support their work with communities, parish and town councils.

neighbourhood planning services:

  • workshops with community groups and local authorities to consult and engage on neighbourhood planning priorities
  • training for parish councils and neighbourhood forums in engaging the community to develop a Neighbourhood Plan
  • web-based Neighbourhood Survey to support a range of purposes, including parish plans
  • facilitating development of neighbourhood forums in non-parished areas
  • development of ‘fact packs’ for your neighbourhood to include a wide range of demographic, planning and community information
  • support for independent facilitation of discussions between local authorities and neighbourhood forums seeking to progress neighbourhood plans
  • support with your plan’s sustainability appraisal 
  • support for community referendums

services currently under development:


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