The scale and complexity of the challenge confronting public services has perhaps never been so great with rising demand for services conflicting with rapidly reducing public expenditure.

We offer support to people and organisations with an interest in improving the design, delivery and value of public services. We’re interested in both incremental and whole system change with an appetite to experiment and apply learning to find solutions to complex social problems.

Whether you’re a user of public services, a provider or commissioner we can help to transform your experience. If you are struggling with your current approach or want to explore alternatives we’d be happy to advise.

service users

EASI can develop and help to improve

  • influence in the design and delivery of services
  • choice and control
  • inclusion

service providers

EASI can develop and help to improve

  • quality
  • value for money
  • service design
  • success in tendering for contracts
  • contract negotiations
  • innovation


EASI can develop and help to improve

  • commissioning strategies
  • procurement processes
  • contract management
  • contract monitoring
  • contract negotiations
  • innovation

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