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community pilot of action for community enterprise 13 January 2012 – see what groups think about it… 

EASI recently tested its community enterprise training product with eight community groups from the county.  ACE is a self-facilited training aid that is based on a board game and pack of traditional playing cards, and which distils the contents of months of independently validated research on community enterprise into thirteen essential themes for groups to consider.


ACE provides a framework for structured discussion, building up a picture of how ideas can become reality in developing community enterprise to respond to local need.  Its approach engages everyone in the process through the cards, and makes learning fun.  The feedback was really postive – thanks all of you who took part!


To read more about ACE and how it fits with our facilitated enterprise training “Making it Happen” and “Working Together”, click on the link below or take a look at our resources page.

enterprising communities training programme


EASI Launch Party 3 November 2011

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