seeding community enterprise

EASI has developed a board game action 4 community enterprise to encourage and support community enterprise, whether that be a community project or a trading enterprise to meet local needs.

ACE provides for a structured discussion distilling and rehydrating the key themes of community enterprise examining both personal and business considerations.

making it happen helps groups to develop their enterprising ideas further, to engage with each other better in achieving their vision for the community and to be able to make informed decisions about next steps.

working together supports people and communities to develop effective and reciprocal support networks that strengthen social capital within and between communities.

feedback from community pilots of ACE

For groups with very little money to spend, the resource has been tailored to enable your group to manage its own discussion and develop its own action plan with all templates and instructions provided. Please get in touch if this is of interest to you.

EASI’s engagement and facilitation approach supports a range of community activity and outcomes.

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