brokering partnerships

Individually and collectively we’re only able to meet our needs by relying on others. Much of the time we’re quite capable of building and maintaining productive relationships but there are some occasions when an independent voice is called for to help resolve a conflict, improve a working relationship or forge a new partnership.

We’re interested in supporting the art of cooperation to properly use the array of resources at our disposal and recognise that we can only achieve more than the sum of the parts if we adopt a more equitable approach to partnerships. Too often, communities, providers, commissioners et al are confronted by partnerships that look more like the relationship between a dog and a lamp post. Not the best arrangement where people are concerned!

We can though, choose to work differently, removing and sidestepping the barriers to co-operation if we want to.

Our support to communities is founded on the concept of co-operation and collaboration, believing that far more is achievable through people working effectively together in an environment of mutual trust, shared vision and values.

The requirement for strengthened local partnerships and networks has never been more important to reduce fragmentation in the voluntary and community sector to mitigate the impact on community relationships as communities compete for limited grant funding.  We believe there is a different way to do business and the need for a shift in the culture of collaborative endeavour.

The success of many community projects and enterprises usually depends on bringing the right people together, both those within the immediate vicinity and others beyond local boundaries that are able to help, and on how well its members work together.

Our independent brokerage supports people in communities to organise themselves to take action through collaboration and to pool resources and funding to deliver services to those in most need, preventing escalation of problems that require more expensive interventions.

Through ‘working together’, part of action 4 community enterprise, we explain the why and how of working together and focus on networking and partnership in particular.  The training shows people how to find professional and business support within their own communities to progress community projects and enterprise and looks at what builds trust and how it can be rebuilt when confidence has fallen away.

EASI offers independent structured and bespoke support to bring people and organisations together for mutual benefit.

Whether you’re a commissioner, service user, provider et al we can help to forge more effective relationships, creating a fertile environment ripe for innovation and successful co-operation deploying, for example, the following approaches

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