community development

Supporting communities and groups to work together to develop their own responses to local priorities, particularly through innovation and enterprise, is at the heart of EASI4communities.

EASI adopts an asset based approach to working with communities and groups, harnessing the strengths, skills and experience of local people and building on existing opportunities to support local responses to need, such as buildings and community spaces.

EASI enables people to engage better together, and with service providers and funders, to help shape their local community and to benefit from opportunities that arise from emerging central and local government policy such as the localism act which reflects new rights to buy, build, challenge and the right to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan.

We firmly believe that co-operation, collaboration and community enterprise are key to successfully developing sustainable community responses to local priorities – widening the scope for engaging with those less familiar with local activism and bringing decision making closer to communities.

community development services:

  • engaging communities to build collaboration and partnership
  • enterprise and project development
  • neighbourhood Planning
  • support with Community Asset Transfer
  • developing Enterprise Hubs

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