EASI Enterprise Club Aims & Objectives


  • Establish an enterprise club that meets regularly for the benefit of members and builds a club culture of ownership, reciprocity and responsibility
  • To engage people, both those out of work and in insecure/ unsatisfactory employment, interested in developing their entrepreneurial flair
  • To help people recognise their skills, talents and motivations for both personal and peer development
  • To increase confidence, resilience and problem solving skills important in helping people find and sustain work opportunities that support a life less dependent on welfare benefits
  • Support individuals and groups to pursue their enterprise ambitions in the context of social and environmental responsibility


  • Promote learning and development opportunities through a diverse range of intermediaries, encouraging both referral and self-selection as the means of identifying and recruiting individuals within communities that can contribute and benefit from joining the club
  • Build a peer support culture, a membership/ club ethic, based on the positive attributes of individuals/ groups as opposed to traditional deficit/ expert training models
  • Use the ACE methodology as a foundation of learning social and community enterprise skills
  • Use ACE as a means of building peer support/ mentoring
  • Be responsive to the needs of members, involving them in the design and delivery of the club to help it develop relevance and ownership to members
  • Establish a regular location and time for the Club to operate that makes it accessible to local people
  • Engage those both in need of support and those that can offer support/ guidance (may be the same person)
  • Establish a simple monitoring system to capture outcomes generated by the Club to secure funding if the approach proves successful

Added Value

Our hypothesis for EEC is that people have good ideas but lack a vehicle or the confidence to explore, share, test and develop these into viable projects/ community enterprise. The EEC provides a safe and enabling environment for ideas generation and a game based approach that allows everyone to play on an equal footing irrespective of background and experience.

The club culture we are seeking to establish with, we hope, incremental growth in members will establish reciprocal relationships where sharing ideas and support is the norm, building social capital and social cohesion and increased opportunities for local people to become more independent.

We expect that learning generated by EEC will be valuable to other interested parties and will seek to capture this and support dissemination of ideas and project development. We also intend to build a small library of resources (books, periodicals, toolkits) that will be accessible to club members to complement our collective learning & development

We expect to capture outcomes from our interactions and hope to convert these to a measure of social return on investment as one means of demonstrating added value and an evidence base for funding bids to develop activity further.

We are also equipped to deliver the Social Enterprise Qualification, a Level 2 qualification (QCF & SFEDI accredited), which subject to funding (self funders or grant aid/ contract) can be offered to members and the wider community to build competence, capacity and employability across the county

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