EASI Enterprise Club

The EASI Enterprise Club will help you unlock your inner social entrepreneur, providing access to the tools and peer support that will help fulfill your social business ambitions.

The Club is founded on the basis that everyone has at least one good business idea but may lack the support or confidence to explore, share and develop ideas into viable projects.

The Club provides a safe and stimulating environment for ideas generation and a game based approach that allows everyone to play on an equal footing irrespective of background or experience.

We use Action 4 Community Enterprise (ACE) as a game based learning framework alongside a range of other activities that provide for an accessible route into business development that is collaborative and built on co-operative principles and values.

With Contributors to the Club sharing their specialist knowledge, we’re building a co-operative culture of opportunity and have engaged experts in co-operative development, marketing, legal, finance and social enterprise amongst other fields, willing to share their insights with peers.

The exchange of knowledge and shared connections generated by the Club will help people find solutions to their challenges and recognise that together, anything is possible.

Opening Time The Club meets regularly at our base in Northampton and is open on the dates published on our website and by arrangement at other times.

Membership is free and open to adults interested in the benefits of sharing ideas and learning from each other to build and develop sustainable social business.

Library As a Member, you will also be able to access a growing reference library of books and resources to support your projects and development

The Club starts on 8 March 2013 and will meet regularly on Fridays from our offices at the Bridge in Northampton

Sessions are scheduled to commence at 10am and close by 1pm and will run on the dates published on our events pages and by arrangement at other times

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