EASI4communities is a social enterprise; a community interest company which focuses on delivering improved social and economic outcomes for communities. We’re interested in the often missing link between communities, service providers and commissioners across the public, private and voluntary realm.

EASI supports communities to run and design services for the benefit of their local area with a particular focus on community enterprise. EASI enables communities to initiate and lead change at the local level and increase their control within neighbourhoods, supporting communities to strengthen their influence with decision makers and actively determine how services are organised locally.

Using creative approaches to service design and delivery that engage communities from the outset, we help to maximise financial savings for all sectors, whilst achieving social benefits that meet community need.

EASI seeks to build the confidence and capacity of local people to become more involved in shaping their neighbourhood, developing and running services, if that’s the goal, and always in response to local priorities. We provide a safe environment for communities to explore enterprising ideas that harness the skills, talents and knowledge of local people, unlocking their potential to improve quality of life, well-being and neighbourhoods; establishing long-term reciprocal relationships amongst communities, providers and commissioners.

Interpreting and making sense of rapidly changing policy and new legislation is a key component of our business. We support communities to navigate the confusing array of policy and decision-making structures to exploit opportunities for improved community benefit, including contested current concepts like big society and localism.

The company is founded on a wealth of expert knowledge with an impressive track record of community development and commissioning practice that enables us to establish credible relationships with partners working simultaneously at the grass roots level whilst influencing and shaping decision-making at the highest level.

EASI offers the following core services:

  • community development support to build capacity, competence and confidence in responding to complex social challenges
  • brokering partnering opportunities for community based innovation
  • seeding and growth of community based enterprise
  • support to co-produce the design and delivery of local service provision
  • commissioning and procurement support to public bodies and provider organisations


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