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I’m excited by the prospect of working with two incredibly experienced health trainers embarking on an adventure to set up as a community enterprise; helping people to learn and support each other to live healthier lives

They’re totally plugged into the heart of key local neighbourhoods and trusted by people that usually steer clear of mainstream services – the ‘hard to reach’ from a top-down perspective, which in reality, describes services that are remote and hard to reach, rather than people that are hard to reach, primarily because services are not designed for or by local people.

My new colleagues start from the bottom up and have great skills and experience to make an impact for people, but also for commissioners. So when they’re ready to go I hope the commissioners are equally ready to respond or perhaps they can get involved now to seed an exciting new venture and contribute to its success – the benefits on offer are multiple.

We’re using Action 4 Community Enterprise as the development framework for this new venture and I can’t wait for the next episode….


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