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Visit to Greece

As a member of the UK delegation visiting Patras in Greece with Locality as part of an EU project to foster a citizen led response to austerity I was anxious that the exchange (one of multiple visits across Europe over … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Advisors

I’m excited by the prospect of working with two incredibly experienced health trainers embarking on an adventure to set up as a community enterprise; helping people to learn and support each other to live healthier lives They’re totally plugged into … Continue reading

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Pearls Of Peace

I’ve enjoyed running two sessions, using Action 4 Community Enterprise (ACE) helping Pearls of Peace, a Northampton based Muslim Women’s Support Group, to develop into a more sustainable community enterprise.                     … Continue reading

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Third Sector Mikado

Did you ever play Mikado when you were young?  You chuck lots of sticks up in the air and just see where they land, and that of course can be anywhere. Something very similar happens when a local authority adopts … Continue reading

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How to save money – don’t answer the phone!

Call centres. I bet you love them as much as I do. Almost as much as automated call systems directing me to press 1 for customer service, press 2 for deliveries and so on as I quickly lose interest in … Continue reading

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Neighbourhood Plans: opportunities for Community Development

Neighbourhood Planning – so how do we do it and who is to pay? Neighbourhood planning is changing the whole landscape for local planning.  Whether these radical new rights result in a slow burn in uptake, or a frenzy of … Continue reading

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Piloting innovative approach to supporting community enterprise

Community Pilot of “ACE” Action 4 Community Enterprise training/ discussion aid  Great pilot of “ACE” community enterprise training recently with eight community groups – thanks to everyone who spared their time to take part and for all the fantastic feedback … Continue reading

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Rough Sleeping – Back to the 80’s?

If you were around in the 80’s & 90’s and earlier you’ll recall increasing numbers of people living and dying prematurely on the streets of Britain, from a complex interplay of government policy, social and economic factors. Conditions which are … Continue reading

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EASI Launches

We formally launched the company from Northampton Museum & Art Gallery on 3 November and welcomed about 150 guests to an evening of celebration and entertainment accompanied by delicious food prepared and served by Flourish. The event was a great … Continue reading

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The real opportunity in CSR is for people to offer up their specific skills

I’ve experienced blue-chip financial sector companies ‘painting the hostel’ when the charities involved really needed their financial expertise to develop a more commercial approach to fulfilling their charitable objectives. On some occasions, there is a need to adopt a more … Continue reading

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